Tips to make your Session Successful


Take your model bag to EVERY Shoot


Model Bag should include but not limited to: 

  • Makeup Kit or Palettes. 
  • Hair Ties/Hair Pins
  • Skin Toned and Black Undergarments
  • Wipes
  • Flat Shoes, Sneakers and Heels. 
  • Black or Denim Jeans
  • White or Black Tank Top, Crop Top, or T-Shirt
  • Hairspray, Gel & Other Products. 
  • Deodorant and Body Products.


In this industry you need to ALWAYS be prepared!  You will miss an opportunity simply because you are "not ready".  This industry does not wait for you to "Get Ready", it moves on to the person who is ready to take advantage of the opportunity presented.  


Invest Time learning to do your own basic makeup.  If a makeup artist is not available having the skill to do your own basic makeup will go a LONG way.  Imagine missing out on an opportunity because of a MUA being unavailable.