MJC Photoshoot Prep


1. Map your route the night before so you know how much time you need to arrive on time. (Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early if you need prep time)

2. Be on time!!

3. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late we will need to reschedule

4.  If you are running less than 10 minutes late please communicate that BEFORE your scheduled time (Example - appointment is at 1pm communicate BEFORE 1pm that you are running a little late and your estimated time of arrival. Communication after your scheduled time means you are already late and will require rescheduling). 

5. Pack Your Model Bag (Click and Read!)

6. Come Hair/Makeup Ready (touch ups on site are fine)

7. Try on outfits before arriving to ensure desired fitting for photoshoot

8. Shave any areas that might be exposed (bikini line/underarms)

9. Wear Clear deodorant 

10. Feel free to bring someone with you, if you bring more than one person the others will have to wait in the waiting area. Only one other person is allowed in the shooting area at a time.  They can switch out if needed

11. BE ON TIME!!